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[ Saturday the 9th]
[ mood | sad ]

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**FRIENDS ONLY** IF YOU WANT ACESS POST HERE. BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO^#$@&%&#$@#.AND I DONT X PECT ANY BODY TO. SO. livejournal causes so much drama!
and im gunna be posting alot about personal shyt b cuz alot is going on in my life now.
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[ Thursday the 23rd]
um yea.go me
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[ Tuesday the 21st]
schools over.cant b on the comnp ogtta go b4 i get caught!

[ Sunday the 19th]
[ mood | bouncy ]

"Daddy" she called "Do you love me??"

"What? of course I do.. why would you say that?" her dad said.

"A lot?" she asked

"A lot." he said and kissed her goodnight once again. It wasnt until he was half way out the door when she blurted

"Daddy if you really love me a lot you wont be mad about what I'm going to tell you.."

"What? What's wrong? Is everything..." her dad said worried

"Mommy.." she said clutching her fathers arm "Mommy is gone.. the bad man hurt her."

Her father was tense now. He pushed his daughter away.
"Nonsence" he said "Your mother is away at grandma's"

"No daddy, she's not. She came home last night early and the bad man came in with the shiny" she said now heavily breathing, holding back the tears

There was a sudden silence

"Sometimes i see the bad man.. he comes and tells me stories when you're working late and mommy's gone to bed." she continued "But last night he was mad.."

"You are sure of this?" he asked

"Yes, shh.. the bad man comes tonight"

"Stop this! Where is your mother? he cried

She closed her eyes as tears ran down her cheeks. "Mommy's in the closet"

Her father eyed the closet in disbeleif. He shakily walked over and slowly..slowly.. turned the knob

It was then that the window cracked open just a bit... and the large, bloody fingers creeped through...
"Daddy" she whispered "He's back"

Repost this before midnight or you will lose someone

sorry :(

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[ Friday the 17th]
[ mood | excited ]

soccer game today!!! im so fucking pumped to go to central!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!class of 09'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[ Thursday the 16th]
bryanas over! ok!

[ Tuesday the 14th]
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[ Monday the 13th]
um.yea.you suck
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[ Friday the 10th]
[ mood | scared ]

today i got the ,life scared out of me. my brother left n my mom left n i was home alone....alright so im sitting here on lviejournal and someones banging on the door extra hard. so i was like who could that be...and my dog starts going crazzy!!! i was like oh shyt someones gunna break into my house...so i stood in the kitchen like crying b cuz i was so scared i was gunna like die!!so i called my mom n she was like look out the window..i was like no way what if thew shoot me or suttin!! i was scared out of my mind.so then my mom comes home...and it was my bothers friend jimmy at the door!!! haha very funny i didnt think it was very funny...but now that i think of it its quite funny...um not really i was scared half to death someone was gunna jump through the window or like if i tried to escape they would block the door! i have a crazzzy imagination im such a losser!!!! well that is how i got the shyt scared out me tonight!!!!!

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[ Friday the 10th]

Your Life And Yourself

Created by evy and taken 248 times on bzoink!

Middle nameanne
Last namegfiusdgflskjdbgpisdut
Eye colorhazel
Hair colorbrown
Skin colorwhitee
How long is your hair?past my boobs:)
Colorpink n black
Moviemean girls
Songbox full of sharp objects--->u should be listening 2 it now
Booka child called it
Time (example: 1:00 PM)11:11 i wish on it all the time :)
Day of the weekfriday
Day (example: May 19)june 21-->schools out whoa<3
Hair colordirty blonde-->brown
Eye colorblue
Video gameneed for speed underground 2
Foodmac n cheese
Color for a housewhite
Countryu.sa. bitches
State (in the USA)california!!! holler!
Bandthe used,disturbed,system of a down,3 days grace n more
Singerjessica simpson
Actressrachael macadams
Actorben affleck
Pastimetheres so many...when my family used to be normal :(
Computer gamelife !whoa<3
Weathernot to hott like 75-80
Have you ever..
Traveled to another state?yep
Traveled to another country?no
Stayed up the entire night?yes i have
Gone a day without eating?yeh rite r u fricken kidding me i eat so much!!!!!
Done something against your parent's rules?all the time
Eaten an entire pizza?yes all the time
Been to the hosptial?yes sadly:(
Had a lucky penny?i wish my life wouldnt be like this with a lucky penny
Had the Falling Dream?i hate those
Had a dream come true?yeh rite...me?
Gotten stitches?in my bum-bum!
Had a Halloween without trick-or-treating?probably but not that i remember
Thrown up from too much food?nope
Squirted milk out of your nose?i wish
Gotten a hair cut that you hated?yessssssss!!
Talked to an Online Robot?all the timeeeeeeee theyre cool!
Been in a wedding?yep they had me dress in a stupid dress n then carry like a wand!!!
Been /to/ a wedding?yes
Killed an animal?no way i <3 animals
Killed a human (bwahaha)?......shhhh I TRUSTED YOU! haha
Regretted not getting the blue item instead of the green?yes i hate that
When was the last time you...
Went to the grocery storelike 4 days ago
Bought yourself somethingyesterday but my mommy bought me new clothes<3
Listened to musictoday
Brushed your teeth
Talked to someone on AIM
Called someone
Had pizza
Sang in the shower
Took a shower
Posted on a forum
Told someone to go away
Took a walk
Went to the store
Read a book
Fed one of your pets
Bought a CD
Which of your friends is the most...
Closest to you
Your friends..
Your top seven friends..
Describe friend number one...
Describe friend number two..
Describe friend number three...
Describe friend number four...
Describe friend number five...
Describe friend number six...
Describe friend number seven...
Which one drives you insane?
Which one is your best friend?
Which one is your second best friend?
Which one always helps you?
Which one makes you laugh?
Which one have you known the longest?
Which one have you known the second longest?
Your one friends..
Which one do you talk to the most?
Which one do you talk to the less?
Which one makes you laugh the most?
Which one talked the most?

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this is relle confusing the other half is in the next entry!!!

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